The SensiNet system conforms to your needs with a wide range of standard sensor types supported. Use standard RTD’s for process temperatures or our integrated temperature and humidity sensors for ambient level monitoring. Measure differential pressure and contact status directly or make other measurements through 4-20 mA and 0-10 Vdc input modules. The installation does not disrupt your ongoing operations and uses industry standards.

What do you need in a wireless solution?

  • Plug and Play capability
  • Adequate transmission range
  • Adequate battery life
  • Secure RF signal
  • Self Configuring
  • Multi-product and multi-vendor capability
  • Sensor flexibility – move it where you need it

What is the value to you?

  • Increased operational safety with continuous monitoring
  • Mobile and flexible monitoring
  • Easy to upgrade as you grow
  • Low cost per access point
  • Easy to install

When do you need wireless sensors?

  • Manually collecting data: no longer need to send a technician.
  • “Must Have” measurements: environmental or safety regulations require measurements. Wireless allows for easy placement of sensors where needed.
  • Need for Diagnostics: wireless sensor deployment throughout the plant allows for much more diagnostic information.
  • Temporary Monitoring: some processes may only need short term monitoring. Wireless sensors allows for easy, fast and inexpensive installation.


  • Reduced repair costs, and machinery downtime/damage.
  • Improved operational efficiency and process control.
  • Reduce safety costs (avoid injury).
  • Reduce manual monitoring.
  • Eliminate conduit/cable systems installations.