Power Quality Analyzer


Objectives: to record and quantify electrical consumption.
Monitoring of the energy consumed and the active, reactive, non-active, apparent and distorting power values.

  • Harmonics, THD
  • Flicker
  • Unbalance
  • Voltage swells and dips
  • Transients
  • Frequency
  • Inrush current
  • Power factor (Cos φ)
  • 5 voltage inputs & 4 current inputs
  • All-terrain shockproof casing resistant to UV light and high temperatures
  • Ideal for mounting on electricity poles
  • Self-powered by its voltage inputs up to 1,000 V
  • Continuous recording at 200 ms intervals
  • Measurements in compliance with IEEE 1459

Objective: to identify the causes of overconsumption by equipment or overbilling.
The energy logger measures the voltage, current, power and energy parameters useful for comprehensive surveys of electrical installations.

  • Recording and metering of electrical consumption
  • Possibility of installing in a network to provide several metering points
  • Simple, straightforward installation without cutting off the electricity supply

Objective: to optimize energy consumption for heating purposes.

  • Range 20 – 250C
  • Exceptional 13-hour battery life
  • Quick startup in under 3 seconds
  • An emissivity table which can be enhanced as required
  • The possibility of renaming the images and thermograms by site
  • Connection to current clamps and multimeters: all the necessary measurements simultaneously

Objective: active power measurement

  • Simple measurement of voltages and currents on the installation (on electrical switchboards or directly on the equipment)
  • Measurement of the THD which contributes to overloading of the electrical power sources

This highly-effective instrument can perform all the measurements needed to calculate the efficiency of the solar power installation:

  • Electrical power survey
  • Calculation of solar panel efficiency
  • Calculation of inverter efficiency

Software platform for processing and analysing the data.

Users have direct access to:

  • real-time display alarm
  • processing of the recorded data and report generation for energy surveys


Combustion Gas Analyzer

  • Single connector
  • Interchangeable probe
  • 2 Go memory (100 000 measurements)
  • Intuitive graphic interface
  • LED on the probe handle to light dark areas
  • Built-in printer
  • Built-in water trap with max level alarm
  • 3 pressure sensors

● Step by step procedure menu (gas flow, inspections)
● Self-test menu
● Built-in printer


Duct Leakage Tester

  • Model PAN331 comes with standard Airflow TA465-P
  • Multi-Function Instrument and PVM620 Micromanometer.
  • Automatically calculates leakage rate in real time
  • Simultaneous displays flow leakage rate and static pressure
  • Provides a pass/fail indication for a given tightness class
  • Automatically corrects actual volume flow leakage rate to Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)
  • Monitors barometric pressure and temperature in real time
  • Stores data that can be downloaded for report generation and documentation


Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Water, Chemical/Petrochemical media, Pharmaceutical media, Others, Oil, Liquid food

Flow range:
from 3.18 to 5260284 l/min

from -40 to 121 °C