Water Analyzer

  • Monitoring drinking water with HS 1000DW
  • Drinking water analyzer by using 25mm round cell
  • Completely portable system
  • Semi-permanent light source-LED Lamp
  • Light weight and simple design
  • Semi-permanent light source-LED Lamp
  • Battery and AC power compatible
  • Function to automatically turn off LCD for power savings
  • Use of vivid and bright graphic LCD
  • Analyzes 40 various items
  • Fit for use at lab
  • Wide usage in national/public research centers, waste water and sewage treatment plant, water discharge sites, etc.
  • Semi-permanent light source-LED Lamp
  • Storage of maximum 400 data ( download data by connecting to PC)
  • Used to analyze items requiring reaction such as COD, TN, TP and heavy metals
  • Easy to handle
  • Fast heating
  • Precise with temperature deviation under ±1℃
  • Lab Quality result in a unit (Resolution 0.01NTU)
  • Wide measuring range and applicable to tap water, sewage and wastewater
  • Extended lamp cycle compared to competitors’(15,000 hours)
  • Easy to use and calibrate
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Easy to use and measure
  • Total coliforms / E.coli analyzed in 24 hours
  • 20~50% cost savings compared to existing measurement methods
  • Easy to identify the presence/absence for total coliforms & E.coli

Total Organic Carbon

  • TAC-Accura (0.1-999.99ppb)
    Semiconduct Super Ultra Pure Water
  • TAC-Accura SX (0.01 – 30.000ppb)
    Semiconduct Super Ultra Pure Water
  • TAC-Evolution II (0-50ppm)
    Semiconductor Waster Water / Recycle Water
    Food & beverages Environmental Drainage