Training & Workshop


We provide after – sales training to all high end products we sell. Through this training, it will improve one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance on handling the instrument. Our training is based on both parties interaction including hands-on. Customers also can request for refreshment training when needed. As we know, basic one time training is not sufficient as we will encounter the instrument daily, weekly or even monthly usage. To enhance to an upper level instrument performance, Enviroterm will also conduct workshop based on the needs of customers.

Our Workshop is to create an intensive educational experience in a short amount of time, when the time for a more comprehensive effort may not be available. Participants may be busy, or may simply be unable to commit large amount of time. Our workshop can introduce a new concept, spurring participants to investigate it further on their own, or can demonstrate and encourage the practice of actual methods.

It’s a great way to teach hands-on skills because it offers participants a chance to try out new methods and fail in a safe situation. Failure is often the best teacher, and failures in this instance don’t carry a cost. At the same time, feedback, from both the presenter and peers in the group, helps a participant to understand what he/she can do to avoid failure in a real situation.

It is also to create opportunity or a way for someone to pass on to colleague’s ideas and methods that he has developed or finds important. Especially for people who work together, a workshop can help to create a sense of community or common purpose among its participants.