Calibration Capability


Calibration is important to your measuring instruments as it checks the accuracy of the instruments, plus to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Accuracy of the instrument will degrade over time, perhaps due to environment condition, wear and tear, electrical supply, addition of instruments to the output, and etc. The accuracy of the instrument will be determined during calibration process, and the adjustment or restoration will be applied if required, especially on product represented by us.

All measuring instruments should be calibrated according to manufacturer’s recommendation. We have lived the expectation to assure this calibration reliability in assuring the instruments provide reliable results for your final product and process.

Our calibration scope consists of:

  • Particle Counter for air, liquid and gas
  • Flow rate (Air Volume)
  • Air Velocity
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Low range Current and Voltage
  • Differential Air Pressure
  • Others – Moisture, Tachometer, Sound, Lux, CO and CO2