Sometimes, we ran into a situation where we need extra instruments unexpectedly or require an extra production line. However, in such cases we;

  • Do not have an allocation for purchasing new equipment
  • Could not face downtime especially when instruments out for service or any other reasons.

Enviroterm’s instruments rental fleet is ready to help.

Enviroterm offers rental service from weekly, monthly, yearly and buy off plan – all available to your choices and needs.

Instrument available:

Particle Counter

  • Airborne Particle Counter
  • Liquid Particle Counter (On-line or off-line)

Sterility assurance Instruments or System

  • Validator (Wired System); Valprobe (Wireless System)
  • High Temperature Reference
  • Low Temperature Reference


  • Temperature
  • Humidity and Temperature

RF Valprobe

  • Humidity and Temperature
  • Base Station


  • Temperature
  • Humidity and Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Pressure and Temperature
  • High Temperature Canister

Moisture Monitor

  • Dew Point Monitor

Our rental price includes calibration price, we will advise you if it is otherwise.