Lab Service


Generally, it is regarded that a Product is merchandise and a Service is an act or performance. Both goods sold and the sales services are interlinked. It is comparatively tough to obtain a pure service or pure good but Enviroterm achieved both deliveries to our customers.

To enhance our commitment, we set up three locations to render our services:

  • Selangor branch to serve the Central Region as well as East Malaysia customers
  • Penang branch to serve the Northern Region customers
  • Johor branch to serve the Southern Region customers

Be hassle free! By sending your instrument to the nearest service point, you are also able to minimize the freight cost.

Our Service Assist Team consists of well trained professionals to serve you better. We provide repair service for products represented by us.

To upkeep customer’s instruments at good working, we also provide Preventive Maintenance Plan condition in order to maximize the uptime for continuous usage. Instruments which are properly maintained extend longer operable hours and are always ready to be used. This hence reduces the risk of unexpected downtimes and production loss cost.