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Solutions in regards to your contamination control, process control, environment, health, safety and even maximizing your yields. With our long history in these fields, you can rely on us for the best support solution for your daily measurement needs. Performance delivery and technical hands on are what we do best to ensure our customer’s investment comes with greater return. We are committed towards customers by using the best technology in the industry while striving for continuous improvement. As a warrant, we have a team of confident, experienced, well trained and committed individuals to work together with customers.

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Why Choose Enviroterm?

As we are the sole distributor for global renowned precise solution manufacturers; PMS, TSI, Amphenol, Chauvin Arnoux, HUMAS, Genano and etc., we are bound to their organizations’ footstep which is always on the move for a better and more precise measurements. Choose Enviroterm, and you will be hassle free on the after sales services as we provide support and solutions from one end to another. To support this fact, we have three branch offices stretched from Northern to Southern Malaysia to cater your request.