Particle Instruments

Model: 3910
Size distributions down to 10 nanometers

  • Two measurement modes:
    – SCAN: real-time size distributions
    – SINGLE: single size concentration monitoring
  • 1-minute size distributions; 1 second single size data
  • Simple, stand-alone operation
  • Built-in data logging
  • Small and portable
  • ~6 hour battery life, with hot swappable rechargeable batteries
  • Concentrations up to 1,000,000 particles/cm3
  • NanoScan Manager software package
  • No radioactive materials UNDERSTANDING

Model : 3938

  • High resolution data: up to 167 channels
  • Broad size range: from 1 nm to 1,000 nm
  • ISO 15900:2009 compliant
  • Fast measurements:
  • Wide concentration range up 10 7 particles/cm3
  • Component design for maximum flexibility
  • Touch-screen control with no computer needed for operation
  • Easy setup with tool-less installation and auto discovery of components
  • Discreet particle measurement: works well for multi-mode samples
  • Independent of optical properties of the particles and fluid
  • Wide range of system options: choice of water or butanol CPC; choice of traditional or nonradioactive neutralizer
  • Model : 3330
  • Size resolution < 5% at 0.5 μm
  • User adjustable size channels
  • Size range: 0.3 – 10 μm in up to 16 channels
  • Wide concentration range from 0 to 3,000 particles/cm3
  • Color touch screen with intuitive user interface
  • Fully compliant with ISO 21501-04
  • Displays particle number concentration and particle mass with the ability to input refractive index and particle density
  • Filter-based sample collection for later gravimetric or chemical analysis
  • Battery-powered for up to 12 hours of operation
  • Built-in data logging capability for up to 30,000 samples
  • Includes Aerosol Instrument Manager™ Software and a variety of standard accessories
  • Real-time mass concentration readings and data-logging allow for data analysis during and after sampling
  • Measure aerosol concentrations corresponding to PM1,PM2.5, Respirable, and PM10 size fractions, using a variety of inlet conditioners
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface with color touch-screen for effortless operation


Weather Station

Typical applications:

  • Weather stations
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Sports facility
  • Marine and Harbour applications
  • Airports
  • HVAC
  • Construction
  • Renewable energy
  • Building automation


Dust Measuring Equipment

  • No infl uence on the medium under inspection through passive sampling
  • Low maintenance (no pump)
  • Low detection limit of 10 μg/m³
  • Suitable for short and long term measurements
  • Storage of data
  • Powerful software for illustration and analysis
  • Combined gravimetric and photometric system Respicon TM
  • Simultaneous measurement of the I-, T-, and R- dust fractions
  • Easy calibration of the photometer on basis of the gravimetric data detected by the instrument
  • Determination of max. concentration and short term values
  • Comprehensive software for illustration and data analysis
  • Version as dust collection instrument available (Respicon)
  • Integrated standard measurement method
  • Mobile scattered