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Enviroterm, 2019 – We are pleased to inform new Oblong-jawed Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester CA6418 are now available from Enviroterm Sdn Bhd.

Most building install lightning rod system to protect the building whenever lightning strikes to prevent damages. If the strike occurs near the lightning rod system, the lightning rod need to have a very low-resistance path and can then receive a “jump” diverting the strike current to ground before it can do any more damage to building. According to Malaysia Standard Electrical Installation of Building (MS1979-2007:COP07), the grounding resistance should lower than 10Ω

CA6418 provide solution to allow quick Ground Loop resistance measurements. Build with measurement sensor oblong jaws, it is possible to clamp cables with diameters up to 32mm and rectangular metal bars with dimensions up to 30mmX40 mm or 20mmX50 mm.


It is unprecedentedly easy to use thanks to ergonomic innovations such as its OLED display ensuring a 180° viewing angle in any lighting conditions. An automatic “pre-hold mode”, activated when the clamp is opened, and automatic gap compensation ensure optimized use of the measurements provided by the CA6418. Measurement errors are thus minimized.

Finally, the CA6418 model is fitted with a storage capacity of 300 time-stamped measurements thanks to the instrument’s built-in real-time clock in the instrument.

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Press Release -Oblong-jawed Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester CA6418